Probate of Will


  • How could a provincial with no recorded education write such works?

  • Why was his dedication of Venus & Adonis so allusive?

  • Why did the satirist, Joseph Hall, link that poem with a hidden author and why did John Marston respond with a reference to the motto of the Bacon family?

  • Why did the poem have a headline quote associated with Christopher Marlowe, reported dead just as Shakespeare emerged into the spotlight?

  • Why was its dedication parodied so dismissively by Thomas Nashe?

  • Why did Gabriel Harvey refer to the dedication and hint at private knowledge of a secret involving an aristocrat and an actor?

  • Why did the author(s) of the Parnassus plays mock the admiration for Shakespeare by a gullible enthusiast?

  • Why do his plays contain parallels with the life of the 17th Earl of Oxford?

  • How did Shakespeare come by privileged information on the murky end of Christopher Marlowe?

  • What explains the links with Bacon's Northumberland Manuscript and Promus?

  • Who was the plagiaristic poet-playwright of Jonson's On Poet-Ape?

  • Why does the Stratford Monument hint at secret Shakespearean associations?

  • Why would Shakspere of Stratford have written under the invented name, "Shakespeare"?

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