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Reader reviews

Here is some early feedback from readers, widely ranged in their knowledge of the subject and in what they sought from the book.

M.Chilton (from Surrey, England): “I am really impressed with the content, with the research, the scholarly work and the logical conclusions. And for the first time, I feel I know what, or rather who, are the subjects. I like the more modern translations.”

Turid Houston: “The most interesting part of this book is surely Part I: The Truth of the Sonnets. Here the author discusses and challenges the various theories concerning the identities of “the fair friend” and “the dark mistress”, even the theories regarding the identity of the poet himself. Ian Steere establishes, convincingly so, that the young aristocrat beloved by Shakespeare, and to whom most of the sonnets were written, is in fact Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton. The evidence given is not just literary but also historical and anecdotal.”

L. Griffiths (from S. Wales): "What a great title! The book lives up to its tantalizing name. At last a book on Shakespeare that combines readability and scholarship. It is meticulously and scrupulously researched, with a sharp eye for detail and brimming with new ideas. Ian Steere reminds us of Shakespeare's never-ending ability to intrigue and surprise - even in the 21st century.
Clarity and enthusiasm are hallmarks of this book. I found the section on the sonnets particularly useful and A level students will find it a valuable resource in their studies... Teachers and students alike will appreciate such clearness. I have recommended this book to my colleagues in the teaching profession."