Hidden Life


It is commonly held that William Shakspere from Stratford left no writings of his life. Authorship Sceptics make much of this. How, they ask, could a skilled and prolific author leave behind no correspondence or other records of a personal nature? Stratfordians, not unreasonably, point to his status. Ultimately he was a commoner and a dysfunctional family-man, whose surviving kin had little interest in the long-term preservation of his private papers.

Yet some of his autobiography has survived, albeit not at Shakspere's behest. It was replicated in mysterious circumstances during 1609 - under the title, Shakespeare's Sonnets.

The Sonnets point to extraordinary relationships and experiences in the life of William of Stratford. They reveal unsuspected qualities of character. In conjunction with other history, they resolve a number of anomalies - pointed to by Authorship Sceptics and not well explained by orthodoxy.

For those who wish to understand the basis of these assertions, the evidence is summarized in Questions & Answers.

Those interested in the Shakespeare so revealed, or who are curious to understand the meanings of his Sonnets, might enjoy a reading of  Shakespeare: a Hidden Life Sung in a Hidden Song.


Usage of the name

Why did Shakspere of Stratford call himself "Shakespeare"?

A Lover's Complaint -

  • Why, and to whom, was this poem written?

  • What does it tell us about the Sonnets and their publication?

  • What are its connections with Venus & Adonis and Hero & Leander?

The Stratford Monument -

  • Why is its inscription so clumsily presented?

  • Does it conceal secondary messages?

  • If so, what might they be?

Wriothesley's Tomb?

What is hidden in the crypt of Sonnet 17?

Who was Mr WH?

  • What is the meaning of Thorpe's dedication of the Sonnets?

  • Why is its presentation so enigmatic?

  • What was the relationship between Thorpe and Mr WH?
  • What were Thorpe's intentions?


Was Shakespeare gay?

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