Hidden Song


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New information emerges in this book - an investigation into William Shakespeare and the mysteries of his Sonnets.

It presents compelling evidence that the Sonnets originated as Shakespeare's private correspondence, dealing with real events and subsequently replicated outside of his control. All but one of the main Sonnet mysteries are resolved, including their chronology and route to publication. Within some of the poems, realistic layers of meaning are freshly uncovered.

The book is divided into two sections. Part I gives readers an overview of the story, existing theories and new evidence. Part II  presents each of Shakespeare's 154 sonnets with expansive commentary and a modern interpretation for easy assimilation. For scholars and those of an academic mind, there are footnotes and appendices of primary evidence in support of the findings.    

Fans of history, literature and Shakespeare alike will enjoy this book, as will anyone intrigued by historical mysteries.

Follow these links for sample extracts and reader reaction:

 Preface   The Truth of the Sonnets   Sonnet 1   Sonnet 4   Sonnet 52   Sonnet 63   Sonnet 80  Sonnet 98   Sonnet 108   Sonnet 124  Reader reaction   

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